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Aircraftsales.com is an international dealer and broker for new and pre-owned aircraft.  Aircraftsales.com is an inventorying broker, and typically stocks five aircraft. Aircraftsales.com offers a complete range of aircraft brokerage services to assist individuals and corporations in either purchasing or selling a business jet. To review our current inventory, please proceed to aircraft for sale.

If you desire to sell your aircraft, aircraftsales.com functions as an agent acting on behalf of the current owner for all matters relating to the sale of the aircraft. We manage and provide marketing services for the aircraft and serve as the coordinator for the transaction.

If you are looking to purchase an aircraft, we will locate an aircraft of the highest quality to suit your every need at the right price. We will make sure that you will be pleased with your purchase long after the transaction is over.

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Listings from our Current Inventory

CESSNA CJ 525  S/N260
CESSNA CJ 525 S/N260
Model: CJ 525
Registration: N-260AM
Year: 1998
Serial No: 525-0260
Model: CJ1
Registration: OE-FRF
Year: 2004
Serial No: 525-0539
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